Bit of Fishing and Fishy looking Begger

As I wandered around Mayfair yesterday I noticed that all the fishing seats were empty.  As nobody was about I thought I’d have a go and sit down to try to catch a fish.  There is more to it than I thought, though it is dead easy to just sit there daydreaming.  You have to choose the bait and the right weight tackle.  I thought this is a doddle as the first fish leapt onto my bait and I managed to catch a bream.  But then things got tricky, I replaced the bait and got another bite only to find the line broke, so I swapped the bait and the tackle about but the fish kept getting away.  Oh well, I just didn’t have the patience in the end and gave up. I did put the bream back before I left though.

I bumped into Nala Tenk (Mayfair Manager), pictured on the left, yesterday, she was organising the shopping day in Mayfair and I went over for a chat.  Nala always looks stunning, she is always very well dressed and so chic.  Well I am delighted to tell you Cher that she had one of your creations on and didn’t she look good!!!  On the other hand I had been shopping for furniture earlier and went to a great many shops trying to find a table and chairs for the new apartment I have rented in Chelsea.  You always get them don’t you!!  as I looked around one shop someone offered me friendship without even speaking to me. I thought ‘here we go’, ‘whats this all about’, then I saw her and I guessed the next bit.  Just as I thought!! I got an IM message from the person and it was in another language, but you could not mistake the bit at the end that asked me for 20 Lindens.  I sent a message back telling her to get a job, but doubt she even understood as she simply repeated the 20 Lindens request, so I took her picture instead of answering any more.  I think I should have given her money for a makeover as I’m sure the fashion police are hot on her tail!!


Finally I got a picture from good mate Kas, one of the Murray gang.  Kas is Stef’s brother (who we are missing, hurry back Stef!) and Kas hasn’t been in SL long, but has done a lot already buying land and building.  Kas sent me his picture as he has become a Neko Goth and great he looks too.  I seem to have been rushed off my feet lately and must go back to Murray for a catch up on all the gossip soon.  Anyway Kas that’s a terrific av.


2 Responses to Bit of Fishing and Fishy looking Begger

  1. HBA says:

    Bloody hell – I had no idea the fishing shairs there were so involved!

  2. Lol, no neither did I, think you have to be a lot more patient than me and sit there quite a while to catch anything!!!

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