Riding around the Park and Goth visit

After my time at the Alamo site the other day I met Drax and as I still had my riding costume on, that Jacon Cortes of the Antiquity sim had kindly given me, we decided to take the horses to Hyde Park for a look round.  It’s such a nice relaxing sim with the serpentine lake and the pretty trees and paths, well done Nell Mimistrobell for creating such a beautiful place.

We slowly trotted around chatting and generally having a great time being away from the ‘rat race’ for a while. the Lone Star Horses got many admiring glances from other avs who stopped us to ask about them.

After a while we decided to go and see how the new Goth sim, Carpe Noctem was doing.  I had received an invitation to the grand opening which was nice of them, so I changed into some dark clothes and we headed over there.  There seemed to be quite a few people around and I hope they have every success with it, they have worked hard to make it a stunning place to visit.  We certainly enjoyed our time there.


3 Responses to Riding around the Park and Goth visit

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    What lovely pictures of you and Drax riding in Hyde Park. The horses are beautiful! and you guys look good, too. Doing something like that helps to put life in perspective sometimes.

  2. Thanks Hib, we love going horse riding and you are right, it does put things in perspective as there are many nice things to do in SL. You will have to get a horse and come with us, there are lots of places to ride, like the Dragons’ lair. the Isle of Wyrms 🙂

  3. drax ember says:

    Hib I highly recommend Janey as a riding partner – she knows all the good places to go!

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