Kas’s Castle and visit to Murray

Kasabian has only been in sl for a short time, but he had told me that he has a castle and is doing it up inside.  I had met Roach and Treasure in Murray earlier and Kas called us to see if we wanted to take a look at his place, so we went on over.  Kas has done really well, he has a big parcel of land the the castle looks really impressive against the skyline.

We all went in for a look round, and the place is totally Gothic to suit Kas’s own style.  He played the organ which added to the slightly sinister atmosphere to the stony halls.

Kas even has a dungeon in the basement and we all went down there, don’t know how he did it, but Roach (dressed as a girl av) got locked in the cell, he looked quite sorry for himself but managed to escape shortly after.  The seating area upstairs is very lush with a large open fire to take the chill away.  Kas also has a new pet, he’s got a sweet little bat who, not only follows Kas around, but also speaks to them, although he is a bit cheeky with his answers, typical bat!! little bit fruity!

Quite a bit later that evening I met up with Drax and we thought we would have a ride round Murray with the horses.  It was strangely deserted and as it was a beautiful evening we couldn’t make out why.  We were soon joined by some of our friends though and stood chatting.  Someone rezzed a rubber dinghy and Maya sat on board as they discussed scripting and stuff.

It had been a good day for me travelling around and I’d even managed to do a bit of writing for Virtually London (Lite), so that was quite good.  As we stood talking at the end though, I realised why the sim had been empty when we arrived, it seems like people have started griefing again, still suppose it adds a bit of colour, gave me a good chance to get a picture of thier pretty little particle cloud.  Wonder if the pictures on the objects is the real life picture of the av who sent it over, could be, bet he does look all goggle eyed and daft.


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