SKY News in SL

It seems that a lot of the media groups are joining SL lately.  I interviewed a great guy the other day for the Virtually London (Lite) site.  His name is Mal Burns and Mal is a bit of a genius as well as being very nice, he runs some great informative web pages all about the Metaverse and it’s future (see
It was while I was looking at one of his sites that I saw a short film about SKY News coming into SL.  So I thought I would check it out for myself. 
As I entered the building they had pictures of all the real news people from SKY which is a nice touch, I then saw that you could get a free mic, well this rang a bell!!! Jim Sella another Ireporter made a very similar mic to use in his ireport pics and he has handed them round to the others at CNN.  I wonder where SKY got this idea from, hmmm, Jim perhaps you ought to ask them!

 The layout of the studio was great, you could sit at the desks and do some typing and you could also sit at the replica news desks and imagine what it’s like to go live with the headlines.

Trouble with all this is that the place was deserted.  Although it all looks very flashy there is nothing interactive to draw you there, it would be nice to have some sort of link to the real SKY news or something that you could click on to make it more interesting, perhaps there was, and I missed it!!  At the meeting last night CNN talked about altering their sim.  They do need something to make people aware of their presence in SL just as SKY do, as I hadn’t even had a clue that SKY was in there before catching Mal’s web site.

As I looked around I noticed a sign asking for people to make films about SL and submit them to SKY, this too is the way that CNN seem to be going, they appear to think that text articles are getting a little ‘tired’ and that the SL video captures are going to be the crowd pullers for the ireporting site in the future.  That’s as maybe, and there are some good film makers out there, so I’m sure they will get some great stuff.  I don’t know if it’s just me though, as the material that is so painstakingly edited to make these films still comes out looking like yesterdays technology, I’m surprised that the Lindens haven’t included an easy to use ‘add in’ in the SL program to make impressive little virtual films.  Then again, who am I to say, I haven’t got the ability to produce the present type!!!


4 Responses to SKY News in SL

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Hi Janey, I will have to pop over and see the SKY sim. It iis understandable that both SKY and CNN want video as they are in the visual news business, not the written word, and the human eye is always caught by movement anyway. I hope that written reports will still continue, perhaps there is room for both. But one thing about video is how long it takes to produce something decent, at least from what I understand. We have had a few really well done videos on the CNN SL I-Reports recently, but they took many, many hours to produce, that is what I gathered from what one of the videographers said. Otherwise videos look like someone’s home movies, not exactly compelling to watch. Many of the RL videos are like that now, and of similar subjects repeated over and over, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, pets, etc. I may give it a stab one day, though, after all I never thought I would even be doing what I have done.

  2. Yes I agree they do want eye catching stuff and I can see why. Trouble is most of the video stuff sent through is just like home movie stuff and without much written content to back it up either, but then again there are some good ones like HBA’s. Nikk Huet made the corporate film for the Daily Mail and he did it in no time at all, we only seem to be in each location for a few minutes and he had got it all in one take, but then again he is a professional and very good at what he does. I noticed a link from the CNN technical page to the ireports today, it may have been there before and I missed it, but it isn’t only to ‘inworld’ stories it’s all the ireports again, so I don’t think people will know where to look for our stuff anyway. I am getting the feeling that the written reports about SL will be phased out, don’t know why, just got the impression that it is all being sidelined a bit. Perhaps it’s time to leave it to the filmmakers who go to the meetings as things do move on and change. I would like to learn how to video stuff though for the London site in the future, perhaps we could learn together one day.

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Great, would be very happy to work on something like that with you.
    As you say, Nikk is a professional, and also knows how to tell a story. The two have to be combined. HBA also tells a story, that is what is so important, it can’t just be random video.

  4. Yes I agree, be nice to give it a try when we get time 🙂

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