More Conversations Going Bad!!

Just for a change yesterday I fancied buying a skirt, I had already bought a pretty pale gold top in a sale the day before and as I was passing Cher’s shop I spotted the skirt that I liked, plus I bought a pair of gold shoes as well.  The outfit looked like something that you would go dancing or clubbing in but I tried it on and then went over to Murray.  I must admit I don’t dress very girly with frills and things much, but do wear a skirt sometimes.  Anyway, this guy, dressed only in his underpants, came up to me as I stood there, and we had the most hilarious conversation, although I’m still not sure if he needed glasses or a better computer as he thought part of my avatar looked huge, or so he said!!!

8/08/13 15:02]  jon: u are hot

[2008/08/13 15:02]  You: and you got your swimming trunks on

[2008/08/13 15:02]  cloudstrife555 Beck laughs madly

[2008/08/13 15:02]  jon: u got big breat

[2008/08/13 15:02]  Roach Benelli: lol

[2008/08/13 15:02]  You: have I?

[2008/08/13 15:02]  cloudstrife555 Beck: lol

[2008/08/13 15:02]  You: it must be the way my dress hangs

[2008/08/13 15:03]  jon: theas are my under waer

[2008/08/13 15:03]  You: oh right so you lost your trousers?

[2008/08/13 15:03]  cloudstrife555 Beck: hhhhhhHEEHEEHAHAHAHA!!!!!

(At this time Jon offered me friendship, which I declined as I didn’t know him)

[2008/08/13 15:04]  You: sorry I only accept friendship from people I know

[2008/08/13 15:04]  jon: u have dig breast

[2008/08/13 15:04]  Starlight Munro: LMAO

[2008/08/13 15:04]  cloudstrife555 Beck: xD

[2008/08/13 15:04]  You: dig?

[2008/08/13 15:04]  Neznor Mielziner: lol

[2008/08/13 15:04]  Roach Benelli: hahaah

[2008/08/13 15:04]  jon: huge

[2008/08/13 15:04]  cloudstrife555 Beck: :O

[2008/08/13 15:04]  You: huge?

[2008/08/13 15:04]  Nazna Wingtips: XD

[2008/08/13 15:04]  jon: xxxl

[2008/08/13 15:04]  You: lol

[2008/08/13 15:04]  cloudstrife555 Beck: wow xD

[2008/08/13 15:04]  You: you have big cheek

[2008/08/13 15:05]  cloudstrife555 Beck laughs madly

[2008/08/13 15:05]  jon: i know

[2008/08/13 15:05]  Nazna Wingtips: XD

[2008/08/13 15:05]  You: lol

[2008/08/13 15:05]  jon: by by

[2008/08/13 15:05]  You: bye bye

Teach me to stand about in Murray in a posh frock, and as you can see the others thought it was great fun too. 


3 Responses to More Conversations Going Bad!!

  1. cloudstrife555 beck / Jaster Clawtooth says:

    lol yeah that guy was pretty straightforward x3

  2. Hi Cloud, I know you found it funny at the time, just like I did, I think
    the poor guy thought he was beating his head against a brick wall in
    the end, serves him right for being so cheeky!!

  3. cloudstrife555 beck says:

    yeah i agree lol

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