Important CNN reports and Murray

I have written quite a lot of stories and articles for CNN now, and sometimes some of the stories have a greater importance than just being fun stuff.  My friend and colleague Hibiscus Hastings has written two brilliant reports over the last week that show just how much impact SL is having on real life organisations.  NASA and the Biomedicine Research Labs are showing just how SL can be used in the real world.  See Hib’s reports at

Changing the subject, I headed over to Murray last night and there was a group of people sitting and chatting in some comfortable armchairs rezzed by Cher (who had a really nice sleek new hairdo).  Well I joined Treasure, Cher, Roach, Ruskin and a few others and we sat putting the world to rights.  For some reason Cher rezzed a lamp and put it on Roach’s head, perhaps he lights up Cher’s life, hehe, trouble is if it had been a highwayman’s hat (which the base was shaped like)  it would have suited Roach who had his lady av outfit on.   As usual an alternative avatar griefer arrived and he dropped some little weapon things that made screaming noises all around us. Shame really that the griefers waste so much time watching Murray and taking so much trouble trying to upset people there, you have to feel sorry for such lonely people really, they would probably like to be loved by everyone, if only they knew how, perhaps they would like to talk things through one day, see if they can sort themselves out.  Can you imagine it if they continue through life like this, 80 year old griefers throwing their walking frames at people!  All we did was switch off the sound and carry on, as we hadn’t been using voice it really didn’t matter at all.  Well I said goodbye to Treasure, Ruskin, Cher and Roach and headed off for the night, it’s always nice having a get together in Murray.


2 Responses to Important CNN reports and Murray

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Hi Janey, thanks for your kind words about my two recent reports. I do hope people will have a look because everyone all the people at NASA CoLab Island and Biomedicine Research Labs Island are really passionate about what they do and are trying so hard to make the world a better place that they deserve to be known, supported and applauded.
    On another completely different topic, after reading your entry I had such a strong vision of 80 year old griefers. What an image! But hopefully they will grow up before they reach that point.

  2. Yes I agree and I think you did them proud with your write ups, they are doing such wonderful work and you have helped to bring this to a world wide audience for them. By the way my words aren’t said out of kindness, my opinion is that you are a brilliant writer and do a fantastic job reporting important topics!! As for the griefers, well although a lot of them are kids, a few of them aren’t, and if they haven’t moved on in SL when they got to the age they are by now, there really is no hope for them to socialise on a normal platform. Playing virtual games like the ones they play must be pretty frustrating, as it’s born out of hatred for the people they attack and at the end of the day they can’t actually do the real person any harm, so there may be bitter and twisted 80 year old griefers in the future who have missed out on being fulfilled.

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