Fun at the Carnival and Nice Evening with Friends

Well what a great weekend this turned out to be.  Brie and Seany, two of the London sim managers had worked non stop to help create a brilliant Carnival that lasted Saturday and Sunday to compliment the real life London one held this week (see for full write up on the virtual one). 

Drax, Hibiscus and me had decided to take our horses into SL Knightsbride and Mayfair to follow the parade, and it was great fun riding around seeing all the sights.  There was a buzz about the place, people had gone to a lot of trouble to dress for the event and it all looked really good.  Hib and I stayed behind to enjoy the funfair, we had a go on various roundabouts and even went on the dodgems (which Hibs thrashed me, being the better driver!!)

After all the excitement I went back to the apartment in Chelsea and Drax dropped in for a chat.  A little while later Ruskin and Treasure came round to see us and Rus was showing us some great animations he had just bought from Meike’s shop in London (read about Meike at )  Meike sells such clever animations and Rus showed me and Drax a really romantic one as he got down on one knee to Treausure.

We all went and sat in the dining room for a nice evening, I am lucky to have such good friends, we all had some virtual wine and it was the end to a perfect day.


4 Responses to Fun at the Carnival and Nice Evening with Friends

  1. Drax Ember says:

    What a great day! Even with the lag, the carnival was fun!! The nice chat and then the visit from Rusk and Treasure topped it off!

  2. Seems ages since we had the chance of a proper chat and catch up with all the news! was really nice, shame about our time zones, as I had to leave you all and say goodnight. Hope we have some more ‘get togethers’ soon!!

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    It was a lot of fun. It was great taking the horses out and seeing the sim all dressed up, and I am really hoping to have another go sometime at dodgems!

  4. Yes the dodgems were great, the funfare was still there yesterday when I looked perhaps we ought to take the CNN crowd out for a spin there after the meeting!!

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