Gigs and Griefers

Went to another great gig on Tribute Island, this time it was Joaquin Gustav’s tribute to Astor Piazzolla, a tango composer of the late 20th Century.  As you can see, me and Hibiscus looked a bit worried again, sitting in the same seats as last time, either the seats were uncomfortable or we don’t really dig the tango, but as it turned out Joaquin played some of the most beautiful guitar music we had ever heard, it was a wonderful gig.

Nikk got up to dance with Saffia Widdershins, the owner and editor of the Prim Perfect Magazine, and true to style she had one of the most lovely dresses on that I’ve seen in SL, the designers are so clever now that you can tell classy, expensive outfits just like in real life.

After the gig, Riel Radio played a great selection of music and I danced with Nikk and caught up with some news, it was a really good event and we will try to catch the other live gigs at Tribute Island in the future.

Well it was still quite early, so I went over to Murray after the gig and Treasure, Saab and Stef were there.   I was asking Treasure about her ‘furniture making’ and she rezzed a settee and a chair for us to see.  She is making some really nice stuff now.  I sat in the middle with Saab and Stef on either side and then Drax joined us. 

We had the regular flow of newbies or alts, some of which make out they are newbies, so Murray was having a normal evening.  We chatted until the inevitable happened, one of the ‘rent-an-alts’ started griefing.  The alt had started to IM me with newbie type questions just like before, so I knew what to expect, as he had singled me out from the others as usual, what is this fascination with me, lol, it must be love!!  Then the alt trotted off and the tired old boring wooden blocks filled the area, a bit like kids building blocks, suppose the griefer got the idea from the blocks his real life Mum got him for his birthday!

Drax, being my hero, did IM the alt to try to reason with him, but alas, it’s like talking to one of the blocks, only the blocks have better communication skills.  At the end of the day the people who are being paid to grief Murray are too thick to work out why they are being paid, because they are the ones risking being banned for life, the people doing the paying would not part with money if they could get away with doing the griefing themselves, because they know, with their track record, they will be banned for life (again! and this time not be able to come back as an alt), so let the stupid ones take the risks for them for a few lindens.  The whole thing makes me giggle I’m afraid, it’s not something you can take remotely seriously and its quite good bantering with them, gives me a laugh anyway.  It’s only a matter of time before one of the paid griefers spills the beans on who is paying them to the Lindens, when they think they have been unfairly banned, so it’s quite an interesting thing to witness.


One Response to Gigs and Griefers

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    The music was really great and I really enjoyed it, which you can’t tell from the look on my face, but it was beautiful music. I will look forward to hearing Joaquin Gustav’s music again.

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