New Bike, New Horse and Nearly a CNN Meeting

I met a very friendly guy in SL London the other day, I think his name may have been Doogie, but I’m not too sure, he seemed to be an explorer, but he was on the greatest mountain bike I’ve seen in the virtual world.  he explained that it was free from a place called Epic Conditions so later on I went over there and got one, if you go just look for the bike shop up the hill and its at the back of the shop.  

It’s great for getting round the London sims, the animations are really good with it, but don’t forget to take off any animation overrides that you may be wearing before you start peddling.  I saw Hib just before the parade the other day and she has bought a horse from the Lone Star Ranch, and he is beautiful, similar to my Del but with white stockings, so we had a good old ride around Hyde Park.

I had my horse the Gypsy Vanner and it’s taken me a while but I have decided to call her Rose, think it suits a Gypsy horse and its a sweet name for a sweet horse, she is lovely.  I hadn’t seen Hib for a day or two but we both met at the CNN meeting and I hardly recognised her.  She had a really nice Japanese outfit on from BareRose and also she had a new hairstyle with really suits her, she looked really pretty.

The meeting can only be described as a bit quick and I think they should have left it for this week. Some sort of conference thing was taking place about the American elections, a crucial part by all accounts so the reporters were busy with that and couldn’t really spare the time to see us, which was fair enough as it’s a big event over there.  Anyway, Vickie another CNN ireporter gave us her rendition of playing the bagpipes, so there was a bit of entertainment.  I think there is another conference next week for the other party, so I have no idea if they will have the meeting, we will wait and see.


6 Responses to New Bike, New Horse and Nearly a CNN Meeting

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Thanks, Janey, it is fun to try out new hairstyles and new looks. I love my horse, he is such a great companion, and I have decided to call him “Honey”, because he is my honey. I think “Rose” suits your horse very well. What could be more beautiful, sweet and a pleasure to have around than a rose?
    I’ve picked up one of those bikes and have been going around London with it, the sim is large and this helps to get around and have a good look. It is an excellent bike.
    There is another convention next week, maybe they will cancel the meeting, which would be understandable as it is such a busy time for them. Vickie’s bagpipe playing certainly livened up the last meeting.

  2. Think Honey suits your horse very well, it’s a lovely name! Yes the bike is ideal for riding around the sim, I’ve even taken mine over to Murray, it’s great! Yes Vickie certainly did do her bit to cheer things up, lol.

  3. Drax Ember says:

    Hey, that bike looks like fun! You’ll have to take me there to get one this weekend. We can find good sims for riding!!!

  4. Yes you would love the bike, we will go and get one and find some place to go for a ride 🙂

  5. Poor Nicole – she looks very lonely up there 😦

  6. Yes was a bit lonely for her, think the USA elections are pulling a lot of people away from SL at the moment.

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