Captive and Roach Marry

The big day finally arrived and CaptiveOO7 Latte and Roach Benelli got married.  Congratulations to both of them, it was a wonderful wedding.  Captive gave me the shock of my life last night by asking me to be the maid of Honour, as Cher could not make it for rl reasons.  I cannot tell your how terrified I was right up until I was actually at the other end of the aisle and waiting for the others to follow me, as I was first to walk down the aisle.  Captive looked beautiful in the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen.  Our bridesmaids dresses were also very pretty and the men all looked great as well.  Little Naz made the prettiest flower girl.  Handsome Drax joined me at the reception and we had a great time.

Hope Cappie and Roach enjoyed their day, and may they live happy ever after!!!


3 Responses to Captive and Roach Marry

  1. I’m really sorry I missed it, but RL is a busy place right now. Everyone looked wonderful and happy – congrats to happy couple!

  2. Drax Ember says:

    What a great time! It was a wonderful ceremony, To top it all off I got to dance with my favorite person!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a coincidence!! I got to dance with may favourite person too 🙂

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