New Kid on the Block and Wedding on CNN

Well I may have some great news, depending on whether my mate Ruskin Thor decides what to do.  He saw the advert for the job as Events Manager in the London sims and went for it.  With that, he talked to Debs Regent the London sim owner, and Debs has offered him the job!!  It is so exciting, well done Rus, I am hoping you will take it, as I know you will be really good at it.  He will be joining such a nice group of people in SL London and they are all really helpful and will make him feel at home in no time.   Lets hope Rus decides to be the new kid on the block.  I was at my Chelsea apartment last night when Rus, Treasure and Hibiscus came round to talk about it all.  It was a great evening and the time flew past so quickly, in the end it was getting so late that eventually I had to leave them to it and head off into rl. 

I had enjoyed the wedding at the weekend when Captive and Roach tied the knot, so I decided to write a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ story of the event for CNN, you can read it at


2 Responses to New Kid on the Block and Wedding on CNN

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I didn’t recognize Naz without her soda machine gun!!!

  2. Think she may have hidden it under those skirts!!! Good job there were no newbies at the wedding, she would have been tempted.

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