Ruskin says Goodbye to Land, is it best to Rent?

As Pinkie was told she had to move from her parcel of land, Ruskin who was her neighbour there, also had to find a new place to live.  They both only had a few days warning, but that is SL, things are always changing. A few days ago I had gone over to see Pinkie before we both got rudely booted out by the agent and sat discussing what she would do.  Ruskin arrived saying that there was some land they could look at to see if they liked it.  Which they later did go and see and decided to be neighbours again and take it.

Saab and Cappy came over and we all headed over to Ruskins next door, he had built tree houses and cosy platforms and it seemed a shame to knock it all do

We still have a small piece of land next to the sea which I still like because it’s a bit more private as you can limit who drops in and not have strangers land in your garden, but I also love the apartment in SL Chelsea, there is a real community feel about it, so I tend to spend time between both.

As you can see the apartment has a great view overlooking the Chelsea harbour, Drax likes it as well, it’s very light and modern.  At the end of the day you have to pay a tier anyway if you buy property, and renting an apartment without the initial payout of money seems quite a good deal.  There are lots of lovely houses in the London sims to rent as well, so I will probably always have a place there.  I’ve been so lucky, Debs Regent the London Sims owner recently let me have the apartment rent free because I work there, so I am very grateful to her for that, as I love being in SL London.


3 Responses to Ruskin says Goodbye to Land, is it best to Rent?

  1. ruskin thor says:

    well I may not have my old land anymore… but at least I got the job!!

  2. Yay!!! Well done Rus!!! bet you will make Debs proud! Don’t forget if you want a hand with anything I’m here 🙂

  3. Drax Ember says:

    Congrats Ruskin! They couldn’t have found a better man for the job!!!

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