Nikk and the Chorus Line at Tribute Island

I have been going over to the Tribute Island gigs on Fridays and there is usually an audience waiting for the tribute act to come on.  Tonight me and Hibiscus got dressed up in our posh frocks as it was to be a tribute to Marilyn Monroe and Nikk Huet’s message was that we should all dress a bit showbiz!  Nikk, who is my boss, puts on some great gigs there and when we arrived things looked a bit different.  Instead of the normal stage and seats the crowd were gathered in a different spot where there are film sets.  As we got closer I could see all of Nikks friends there plus some others and they were dancing to Radio Riel who were playing a selection of Marilyn Munroe music.  Hib and I soon started dancing and the lady from Radio Riel announced that the tribute act had been called off because of illness. 

Nikk who had been dancing, went and sat down and let us lot get on with it, think he was wondering what he was doing here with all these women!!  There was one other guy there but he just sat there all night without joining in.

Think Nikk was only taking a breather though, as he was soon back up on his feet and organising a chorus line, it was great fun.

The music was brilliant, it was from all the old shows and suited the dance routine.  We did have some bits in the dance though, where we fell to the floor, gyrating a bit, this was quite unexpected and I worried in case I split my dress, not being too sure of what I had on underneath as I got dressed in a hurry!! Somtimes I leave my combat pants on by mistake!

As you can see though,  Hib was really good at the splits, and we were both very flexible (and we both had the giggles behind our keyboards!!)

We had a great night and a lot of fun, even Marilyn Monroe turned up and she looked just like the original in her shocking pink dress.

Another fantastic time at Tribute Island, well done Nikk and Radio Riel.


2 Responses to Nikk and the Chorus Line at Tribute Island

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    It was a wonderful event. I have never danced so much, nor laughed so much. The music was great, too. What a fun time.

  2. Sure was a great night!! I was laughing all the time too, all the dancing in a line was so funny, would make a great film, have to learn how to do that soon!!!

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