Meeting Wren and Our Office

I had a great interview the other day, I met Wren Carling who won the first Prize in the Orange and Prim Perfect Magazine photography competition.  Congratulations to Wren, she was really nice and she is sure to have a brilliant SL career.  Your can read about her at

Hibiscus and I often interview people in our office in the DM&GT building, and it’s like a second home to us as we enjoy being there a lot.  Nikk Huet, who built the Offices said he was going to make some alterations, but at the moment he has just altered his own office, which looks great.

We like to explore the building as Nikk has put lots of fun things in there as well, so we set of to explore, having a rest from our writing.

There is a games room with pinball machines, which looks like a good way to spend lunchtimes.  Also there is a  game of chess set up just outside, me and Hib pitted out brains against each other, but Hib was the far superior player.

Nikk’s office is full of information about his work, there is the ‘Big Green Switch’ website and SL Big Green Switch (receiving an award for the website from ‘The New Statesman’) and the fabulous Lasting Tribute website and SL Tribute Island.

If you are in SL Kensington W8 pop in and see us or if we are out and about have a look around all the offices there, it’s a great replica of the real life building.


2 Responses to Meeting Wren and Our Office

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    It is a great office, I can’t believe I actually have a place in there! As for chess, I would not say I am superior, I have just managed somehow to look extremely relaxed when I play.
    It certainly is a fun place in which to work.

  2. Think we both looked relaxed in those chairs, bit posy for chess players, hehe, it certainly is great having an office there, I think we are very lucky having all that space!!

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