Ugly Island and Murray Chat

When I moved to the little Island where I have my house the land manager had given us some guidelines about building height and fences and stuff to make sure it all looked nice.  Over the last few months though. no one seems to be taking any notice and the place is looking very ugly.  I once had a neighbour who said he was going to put the biggest house there that he could, and they seem to have all followed what he said, great structures that cover every inch of the land leaving no gardens and a hotch botch of styles instead of something to suit a beach area.  It’s very depressing, I actually started looking at other land last night, but came to the conclusion that this will happen wherever I move to, so think I will leave it for now.

I went over to Murray to see what was happening and there were lots of newbies and alts around, who sort of took off and just left a few of us chatting.  Roach, master of disguises, showed us a couple of scary avs that he has, it was really well done, especially the one where he had nails sticking out of his head!

He had a red suit as well with glowing green eyes, this was quite spectacular too, took my mind off of the ugly buildings on the Island where I live.  Think I’ll be spending a lot more time at the apartment in London.


2 Responses to Ugly Island and Murray Chat

  1. HBA says:

    Hiya J 🙂

    Roach was Pinhead from Hellraiser and Spawn from Spawn

    Great avs!

  2. Hi Head, yes Roach did say the films, but I didn’t know about them,
    sound like scary movies 🙂

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