Story for CNN about 9/11

There had been much discussion at the CNN meeting Tuesday about the anniversary of the terrible terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre.  They wanted us to cover the events in SL, I had decided not to though, as I thought there would be enough about it, both in SL ireports and real life ireports.  However, last night Henry one of the CNN reporters contacted me saying he was at the Wings of Hope sim and was I going to do a write up?  I suddenly thought, ok, perhaps it would be a good idea to go along and see the event anyway, as it is something that the world should not forget, all those poor innocent people killed by such cowardly individuals, the leaders of whom are still actively training other brainwashed airheads to commit more acts of violence against more innocent people.  I am glad I went in the end, I met Hope McAlpine who had organised it, and worked so hard to make it a wonderful, if somewhat sad evening.  That’s Hope in the pale blue dress.

Hibiscus and Vickie, two of my CNN ireporter colleagues were also there and Hib decided to go and see another event at Cetus, instead of us all writing about the same one.  I then met l nice lady called Kayn Munro (in the white outfit on the left, in the picture below) who was there in case anyone needed counselling, something she does in real life as well.  I asked her about her other roles in SL and she told me she was an animator too, it’s lovely to meet such gifted people.

I hastily put a picture together (below) as a tribute on the Virtually London (Lite) site as well, there were people killed from different parts of the world on that horrible day, including British people, and Second Life did a good job at remembering them all. See


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