Mankind Tracer Concert Tomorrow

There is quite a lot of excitement going on in SL at the moment, SL award winner for ‘Best Live Performer of 2008’, Mankind Tracer is giving a concert tomorrow at 8pm GMT (12am SLT).  The event is called Peace, Love and Belief II, and it is a concert with a difference, as he is hopping (with the aid of his identical alt) from sim to sim, covering 30 sims in all.  The music will be streamed into all the sims including SL Kensington at ‘The Kensington’ building near the Daily Mail Offices, so there will be a chance to see all of his performances whichever sim you choose to see it.

As I work directly opposite the beautiful Kensington building, I went over to see the stage before the event and stood at the mic looking over where the audience will be, its a great building with its lush decor and is the same building with the roof garden owned by ‘Virgin’ Sir Richard Branson’s group.

I even had the nerve to have a go on the dance ao’s that have been set there for his backing group.  It should be a great gig, I saw him at Tribute Island a few weeks ago when he did a show as a tribute to Syd Barrett, the former front man to Pink Floyd, and I can only say that Mankind is a fantastic performer with a great voice. So try to make the concert if you can.


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