Nazna and Mikiyo’s Quest

It was getting late last night as I stood mooching in my apartment and I thought I might log off to the real world.  Then suddenly I saw a teleport request, it was from Nazna asking me to join her, so I thought I would go and see what she was up to.  I must admit I was so tired I never even noticed which sim I landed in, although it had a very pretty oriental theme to it.  As I tp’d in I could see some giant ropes and Nazna, Mikiyo, Alphie and Slowhand where pulling on them frantically.  Mikiyo shouted that they needed one more person just as Tah also tp’d in.  Well things were still rezzing for Tah and he couldn’t see the others, so I thought I’d better help out, with?, well whatever they were doing!

The ropes seemed to be attached to a large wooden mallet shaped thing, and I still hadn’t a clue what we were doing, Nazna seemed to know though and Mikiyo shouted that we should pull harder.  As you can see our boots even sunk into the ground with us tugging so hard.

Then it all became clear, scattered on the ground suddenly, there appeared boxes and bags of free gifts to collect, prizes!!! for all our efforts.  So this was a quest!  After collecting a couple of things Naz led us on down to a fenced off area to see where the quest would lead us next, as she consulted a book she had with her.

She led us up a very steep slope until we reached a platform high about the terrain, but I still wondered what there was up there, as nothing seemed evident.  Slowhand spotted a couple of boxes on the hillside and they contained some free clothes.  I decided to take the free kimono which looked very nice, I just love oriental clothes and there are some lovely ones in sl. 

We couldn’t see anything else up there and Nazna told us that she thought the quest had finished anyway.  it had been fun, but by now it was really late, and I had to go and leave the others to it.  Nazna told me that her and Mikiyo had a nice surprise earlier in the day, I’m not sure if Naz wants me to tell everyone yet, so I will wait and see, leave that for another time……….


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