Great Gig, Mankind’s Sim Leaping!

It was a great night last night, the singer Mankind Tracer, with the help of his alt, Mankind Rupublic, hopped over 30 sims to give a live performance for more than 5 hours non stop.  I was not sure when he would be appearing at the Kensington venue, as it seemed the 8pm time I had been given was the time when the actual gig started at the first sim on the list, which wasn’t Kensington.  Anyway I went over to ‘The Kensington’, the posh building in Kensington W8 to join my friend Hibiscus and see what was happening.  I put a black dress on, as I thought all the others might be dressed up like they normally do on Tribute Island, but when I arrived, there was Hib, Debs Regent, Joe Fabre all in trousers.  The dance ball that was in use only had one dance on it, a sort of club dance that had us throwing our legs about and my dress kept gaping, looked pretty daft.  After a while I decided to change and put a pair of jeans on, which looked much better.

Well, we could listen to the streamed music and Mankind didn’t let us down with a really good mixture of popular songs ranging from the 60s onwards.  Drax came on line and joined us and soon Mankind himself with his singer/dancers backing group took the stage and the place was really rocking.

He sang a few songs at Kensington and then moved on to Tribute island where Nikk and all the gang were waiting.  Drax, Hib, Debs and me all tp’d over there to carry on the fun, and while the rest of us were ok, poor Hib remained unrezzed looking like a cloud for some time, when she finally managed to materialize properly, Drax seemed to be doing his own thing.  Where the rest of us had chosen a normal club dance animation, Drax somehow picked a Charleston/Breakdance/throwing yourself around type dance, and seemed to be weaving in and out of poor Debs’ feet, I’ve no idea what she must have thought, I hadn’t even had a chance to introduce them.  All I can say is that I sat at my keyboard with the tears streaming down my face with laughter, as Drax’s antics looked so funny, Hib too was helpless with laughter. 

We moved on to Mankind’s own sim ‘The Temple of Mankind’ which was a really lush place and packed out with avatars.

Drax seemed to be dancing really good by then, so he must have got fed up with the break dancing stuff, and we all had a fantastic evening.  Well done to Mankind who gave a really great performance, he must have been exhausted by the end of it.


8 Responses to Great Gig, Mankind’s Sim Leaping!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    It was a lot of fun, Mankind is a great singer and his choice of music was very enjoyable. As you said, Janey, Drax proved to be quite the dancer, a very creative combination of the Charleston and break dancing that I have not seen before!

  2. Yes I agree, doubt if many people have seen that combination of dance moves!! I think Drax stole the show from Mankind!! he could go on tour with that dance routine it was so funny!!

  3. Drax Ember says:


    All those years studying classical dance are really coming in handy now!

  4. You had to study to do that??? Sea Lion school of dancing?

  5. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    This is a new side of Drax that we are learning about now. I wonder what other secrets there are!

  6. Well he is a multi talented person, so probably has a lot more things up his sleave!! Drax is full of surprises as well as mischief, so I think we had better be on our guard for future events!

  7. Thanks for the lovely article. I just now came across it. I appreciate all your kind words and of course Drax’s dancing!!!

    All the best,


  8. Thank you for your comments Mankind, we all had a fabulous time that night!! Your performance was awesome!! Drax was a surprise to us all as well, with his breakdancing flexibility (still makes me laugh when I think about it now!)

    Best Wishes
    Janey 🙂

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