Greyhound Group and CNN Meeting

I went over to my office in SL Kensington yesterday, and as I got there I heard some avatars talking in voice from the Greyhound pub over the road.  It was Debs Regent, Brie Janick and Kwame Oh, so I decided to go down and say hello.  Kwame was showing some photos of the real life meeting that they had in the pub some months ago, as well as how the pub is being decorated in real life (the sl version being copied as well and due to open on the 20th Sept).  As we stood talking we were joined by Cleopatra Charleville and my boss Nikk Huet.  After a while Terry Lightfoot, Das Wade, my friend Hibiscus Hastings and sim Manager Seany1235 Blinker dropped in, so we had a pub full of people.

It turned into a meeting discussing stuff to do, and things that had gone on, and it was a nice relaxed atmosphere rather than having a meeting in the offices. 

Some of the group will being going to the real Greyhound for the opening, which should be fun, it’s great to see how the pub is comparing in sl.  I’ve interviewed people in the sl version and it is a nice place to sit and chat.  Das ended up doing a bit of shapeshifting and turned into a little dog leaving a puddle on the floor, which was funny.  He changed back into his human av and he, Debs, Nikk and Brie sat at the bar for the rest of the meeting.

It was a day full of meetings, Hibiscus and I went over to the CNN meeting later on, to discuss the weeks’ events, Nicole took the floor and Henry Ireport joined us.  CNN have their own Island now, and the plan was to go over there later on, before the meeting finished.  For some reason we couldn’t get permission to tp there, so that was a shame, but I will go and look tomorrow.  The rest of the meeting was the usual sort of thing, taken up by people doing their own promotions again, so I just sat and listened till the end.


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