Rubi’s Good News and Bungee Fun

I was chatting to Hibiscus in SL Chelsea yesterday when suddenly we got a note saying that they were re starting the sim and we had to get out within 2 minutes.  Well we decided to head over to Murray, Hib has been there a coupe of times before, so we teleported out.  Shortly after we arrived we saw Rubi Hawkes and she looked very pretty in a smock dress.  She told us that she had some good news, her and Stef are expecting an SL baby in a few weeks time.  They are a lovely couple and have been seeing each other for quite a while.  Rubi asked us if we wanted to see the bump and we said yes.  She changed her clothes and we could see she had a little baby bump instead of her usual slim figure.  Rubi hadn’t met Hib before and it’s nice that Hib is gradually getting to know all my friends.

Congratulations to Rubi and Stef, I can’t wait to see the baby when it arrives.   Hibiscus and I headed off back to the London sims to try to get some photos of the Bungee Jumping at Big Ben.  We were joined by sim Manager Seany and we took turns in jumping to try to get some shots, it was very difficult though, but we did manage in the end, although close ups seem impossible. 

Seany has a couple of great helicopters, he flew a single seater one around the clock tower and showed us the other one that holds two passengers as well.  We didn’t have time to have a go then, but asked if we could fly over London with him another time, as it looks like a lot of fun.


4 Responses to Rubi’s Good News and Bungee Fun

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Best wishes to Rubi and Stef, it is an exciting time for them.

  2. Drax Ember says:

    Congrats to Rubi and Stef !!!!!

  3. drax ember says:

    Bungee jumping was soooo much fun!!! I loved the mouselook view of an upside down city!!!!

  4. Yes it was great fun, great animation, those people are so clever who invent them, I have the greatest repsect for them. Good for Ruskin too for thinking of putting the bungee jumping at Big Ben, it’s been a great success!!!

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