Goodbye Apartment!!

Second Life gets to me sometimes, I get a real affection for virtual objects, pretty daft, but there it is! it’s understandable with friends as they are actual people, but objects, well!!  I do feel like that over my apartment though, I’ve been there a few months now and it is lovely with its big windows overlooking the Thames on one side and Chelsea on the other, plus so much floor space including the big balcony to sit and drink your coffee in the mornings.  But as in most SL things, nothing lasts.  Debs told me that the apartments were not a copy of the real life ones at Chelsea so they are being replaced this coming week with a replica of the real London ones.  My friend and fellow reporter Hibiscus feels the same way as I do, she has an apartment in the next block and is really sad to move out.  Hib and I spent a lot of time sitting in each others apartments putting the sl world to rights!!   Also Drax and I have had many happy times in the tower block, it was home!!

I know Debs is right and her vision of a Mirror Image London is working well and I am looking forward to the new apartments there, but it was funny moving the furniture out.  I left a settee and carpet till the last minute and when I looked over at Hib’s apartment she had a sad lonely chair on the balcony. 

I hope I will always have a place in the London sim, it is such a nice community to be in with, always something going on and such lovely people who live and work here.  Debs can be proud of it all, and it’s getting even better all the time.  They look after people here as well, can’t say I’ve been to many places in SL where there is a team of people who work so hard to make sure that every visitor has a good time.

So goodbye apartment and nice front door, there is a bit of me that is looking forwards to the new apartment though, bit exciting, even went out and bought some new bits and pieces for it!!!  Had some great times in the old block but sure there will be great times to come in my new home too!


3 Responses to Goodbye Apartment!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    First Thentis, now the apartment. At least we still have the wonderful memories of both!

  2. Yes wonderful memories! and lots of lovely times ahead wherever we may be!!

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    This was my first home in sl and I loved it. However, the friends I made over the past few months while I was establishing myself in London have not gone away, even if the apt. has, and as you said Janey we will have lots of lovely times ahead.

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