Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Tribute Island

Another fantastic night at Tribute Island last night.  Shame that Hibiscus could not make it and I bopped away on my own for most of the evening, but I was busy taking loads of pics.  Riel Radio played a storm of great Ella records as Australian singer Paisley Beebe was not due to appear until later in the evening.  When I first got there I saw Saffia (who looked gorgeous dancing in her daring outfit) and Nikk and the others were still sitting down.

Nikk, Terry, Darkling, Gabrielle, Emilly and all the others were soon up dancing as the music was so good.

I spotted Arron Jacobus and said hello, which was great as I haven’t seen Arron, who is a designer for Linc, for ages, nice to catch up.

The wonderful Paisley Beebe arrived and sang a whole lot of lovely Ella Fitzgerald songs, and she was great, she joked with her sl and rl partner who accompanied her on stage with his guitar and we all enjoyed her performance very much.

My night was complete when Drax came over, and later on Hib as well.  What a great evening, though next week’s tribute gig will be the last for a while, which is a shame, as I looked forward to Friday nights at Tribute Island.  There is always something new there though, so its worth a trip to explore.

By the way, Saffia told me that my article has been printed in her very popular and very classy ‘Prim Perfect’ homes and gardens magazine.  You can catch my write up on ‘Media in the London sims’ at   Page 31.


3 Responses to Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Tribute Island

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    I was so sorry to have missed the Ella Fitzgerald tribute, that darn rl just got in the way this time! The performances at Tribute Island are so much fun and offer a lot of variety, I really hate having to miss one but it couldn’t be helped. I’m glad you have posted your pictures, they are great!
    I read your article in Prim Perfect, too, very well done, very interesting!

  2. Sorry you missed it too, darn rl, hehe, expect we will get a chance to see her again at Tribute Island, I hope so. Thank you for your comments about my article, as you know I greatly appreciate the wonderful writing you do at the Virtually London (Lite) blog, we are a team and I couldn’t do it without you now 🙂

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Thank you Janey, I really love writing for Virtually London (Lite). It is a great pleasure being part of the team and being involved in the London sim.

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