Captain’s Table and Posh KMADD Launch

All I can say is ‘What a Weekend!!!’ Like London buses, you wait for one SL event, then a couple turn up together!!  Not only had we had Tribute Island on Friday night, which as great, but on Saturday there were two really good events taking place.  Luckily there was a couple of hours between the first one taking place before the other one began.  Debs Regent, the owner of the London sims had arranged that her team should be invited on board the fantastic SS Galaxy, the biggest ship in SL, to sit and have a meal with the Captain and his staff.  Luckily for Hibiscus and me, Debs included us as part of the team, which is really lovely of her.  The second event of the evening was to be the launch of a new fashion web site by the very posh KMADD Enterprise, owned by Kirk Claymore and Maddox DuPont.  I went over to see Hib as she decided what to wear, and she looked beautiful with her hair put up and her gold sunset coloured dress.  I had been so lucky, Arron Jacobus from Linc Island had given me a lovely dress to wear in lilac lace, and it felt just right for me.

We arrived in the lobby and were met by the ship’s Captain, Nova Straaf and Lady Krimmer one of his staff, who I had met a couple of days previously, which was nice.  After the introduction the Captain asked us all to take a seat, Hibs sat next to the Captain with Saffia Widdershins, the Prim Perfect Editor/Owner, who looked really beautiful, on the other side of him.  I sat next to Debs, who looked elegant in a black gown and stunning short red highlighted hair.  Lady (on the right of the picture below) and with her colleagues looked so smart dressed in their uniforms as she advised us on the servings.  The others in the group, including Seany and Brie, were all dressed impeccably with their tuxs’ and long gowns, what a picture everyone made.

The Captain asked Debs to introduce everyone and Debs gave a lovely speech thanking her team and showing her appreciation of them.  What a lovely time we had there, and how lucky that the London team have such a wonderful boss who takes the trouble to show them that she knows they are doing such a good job looking after SL London.

After boarding the magnificent Galaxy and meeting the charming Captain, Hibs, Debs and me headed over to the second event of the evening, the launching of the posh KMADD Enterprise webside  The theme for the evening was 007 James Bond.  They had certainly gone to a lot of trouble, we arrived into a grand casino setting with its red carpet and rich gold interiors.  You can read all about our evening there at   The boys from KMADD are also taking part in the SL London Fashion week, so it’s a very exciting period for me and Hibs to cover some great stories.

Need a rest now, after such a busy weekend, it was a lot of fun and I can never get over how much trouble people take in SL to make these occasions so perfect.


6 Responses to Captain’s Table and Posh KMADD Launch

  1. HBA says:

    Oooo, very posh! You two looked fab!

    (I’m back from my hols now 😀 )

  2. Hi, hope you had a great holiday!!

    It was nice to put our posh frocks on for a change 🙂

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Yes, it was lots of fun to go glam for an evening. Both were wonderful events, and the venues were spectacular.

  4. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Heck…I’m missing everything. 😦

  5. Hi Pinkie, nice to hear fom you, hope you are ok. Sure there
    will be many fun times ahead when you are able to spend
    more time in SL 🙂

  6. HBA says:

    We’re missing you, mate! x

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