SS Galaxy Night in Underground Club

Hibiscus and I had previously been invited to a night on the SS Galaxy and really enjoyed it with Debs Regent and all the London team.  Well they decided to have a Galaxy night at the Underground Club in SL London and the theme was formal dress but in black and white.  I rooted around in my inventory and found a white top and my favourite black skirt that I bought from Cher Demonge’s boutique ‘Bonjoure’.  But I had to go out and buy a pair of shoes, no hardship for me, I love shopping!!  Anyway Hib and I met up and she looked dead glam in a tux, so we went into the club and it was already rocking away with Seany as the dj and Brie as the hostess for the first part of the evening.


There were lots of prizes for best dressed and people had gone to so much trouble, although some cheated and there were a few colours mixed in, they still all looked stunning.  Great music and a great night, the Club is so popular that Debs must be really proud of it, along with the rest of fantastic SL London.


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