Well I can’t say I’m not busy!!

I seem to have spent the last couple of days writing all the time and going over text chat logs and still getting stuff wrong!  It’s been a lot of fun so far though, with the excitement of the catwalk shows, it’s lovely that  all the work that people put into it is paying off.  It’s so nice that people can display their stuff, which I think is just amazing, how people make all those gorgeous items with the tools provided is beyond me.  I have had major problems though, yesterday as I stood taking photos I couldn’t see one of the models at all and she appeared as a cloud walking the entire length of the catwalk, so no photo there then!  Others had grey areas in their hair and costumes and in some cases these rezzed in, but I had to be quick to catch them then in a shot as they move quickly and my camera doesn’t act steadily in laggy situations.  I am lucky if a get a few good shots out of the many that I take, but if I get one or two really good ones that makes up for the others.  I met Cher and Treasure yesterday.  Cher is putting on his display today and I can’t wait, I had a bit of a preview a few days ago and his clothes are stunning.  Can’t wait to see Treasure strutting her stuff as one of the models either, so I am looking forward to tonight’s shows.  Girlspeedo Latte also has her show and she does such lovely stuff, so it should be a good night.  As you can see even taking the pic below of Cher, the bottom of his costume is transparent to me, so it’s all a bit worrying!!

As you can see by the second pic, from a different angle you can see a lot better and Cher’s skirt is very beautiful.  The second half of the show was a shoe store showing their product, so I thought I would see if they had a stall outside so I could take some close up pictures, but couldn’t find anything there, although those stalls are well worth a visit, they have some nice free bits on offer as well.  I ended up going to the main store hoping to get a couple of pictures, but ended up talking to a nice girl there called Anne who put me in touch with the owner Mel, so I am going to meet her for a chat today.  This is proving to be a very busy week!!


3 Responses to Well I can’t say I’m not busy!!

  1. hba says:

    Brilliant work, matey – I’m right glad you are so busy (apart from the fact we never see you now :-D)

  2. Things are a bit hectic this week but should settle down after that, hopefully! Have to get to together, with Pinkie too, for a bit of catch up time soon 🙂

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    I think your pictures are great, I know what a challenge it is to take them with all that is going on. Busy week, but lots of fun and we get to see lots of great fashions.

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