Catwalk Show Was the Best!!

Well it was another very busy night in SL London last night, the 3rd night of the catwalk shows and they are so enjoyable, it’s a shame that I have to concentrate on taking pictures all the time, and not just sitting and watching it all, but I love every minute of it!  It was great last night as Hibiscus joined me and she was taking lots of pics as well so we should get some really good ones for the Virtually London (Lite) blog.

Last night I had my two favourite designers in one show, my mate Cher Demonge and pal Girlspeedo Latte who like Cher (who owns ‘Bonjour‘), has her own Boutique in SL Knightsbridge called ‘Gbberish’.  I felt so sorry for Cher who half an hour before his show kept crashing, its as if SL knows how important things are and plays up on purpose, or thats what it seems like.  Luckily Girlspeedo was on first so Cher had plenty of time to try to get back on.  Well Girlspeedo’s show was fantastic, her and Cher have totally different style collections so it was a well balanced night.  Girlspeedo has such a way with casuals, even knitted tops look so real, she is so clever.  That’s her in the middle of the picture.

Cher finally arrived and managed to stay without crashing and all the models followed, including Rubi, Treasure and Cappy.  Cher called me round to the back of the stage and what a lovely sight they all made in Cher’s fantastic designs, he has got so good at this, and I think his collection is outstanding, totally different to any other in SL.  Pure fantasy stuff, but totally wearable and the textures so unique.  Funny thing is although it’s only SL, and we are all a bunch of pixels, you could actually feel the tension back stage and I would swear that it showed on the faces of the avs as they waited their turn on the catwalk.  If anything maybe SL could be more nerve wracking than rl as there are so many issues to go wrong, like crashing and lag and failing to totally rez, so you can see why people worry.

Cher looks absolutely dazzling in such a beautiful gown, and I am saving the pictures of them strutting their stuff for tomorrow’s Virtually London (Lite).  However I can only say that Treasure, Captive, Rubi and all the others looked fabulous and the crowd loved them!!

Hib and I had such a hectic evening (and again tonight for me!!) that we couldn’t even stay for the ‘end of show’ party.  We got an IM from Henry the CNN reporter that the meeting had started at their new Island, so I told him we would be a bit late because of the show.  It wasn’t too bad, I suppose we arrived about 15 minutes late, and there was an amazing sight to greet our eyes.  We had been discussing the Greenies sim a couple of weeks before and it was apparent that CNN reporter Nicole had gone along to see it!!  There she was with a Greeny av on and looked really good.  So used to seeing Nicole as her usual self, it was quite a shock, she still had her popcorn with her from last week though and her mic in the other hand, so don’t think she is quite used to attachments yet.  Poor Hib was having SL trouble and decided to go as she couldn’t move properly.  There were quite a few people there last night so it was ok, I did leave earlier though as they decided to explore the new Island and I had seen it the week before so I called it a night and headed off.


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