Catwalk Shows Doing Great and Meeting Millane

The Catwalk shows are so good, its lovely to see people like Seany1235 Blinker, Brie Janick and Cleo Charleville take to modelling so well, they are all doing brilliantly.  As each show has gone on they are getting used to just how far to walk, and how long to hold the poses.  Brie in particular uses an assortment of different hairstyles and looks so different each time, she certainly shines at each show.  It was a show with a difference last night, a Fashion House called ‘Fierce’ designs and the creations were a little more adventurous than the others had been, we had models in latex and all sorts, but it was good fun.  That’s me, Hibiscus, Debs and Das watching the end of the show last night in the picture below.

I’d been out earlier in the day to meet a lovely lady called Millane Avro who has opened a shop called ‘Tribal Bamboo’ in SL Mayfair.  She had contacted me at one of the shows and wanted me to see her fashions.  I went over to her place and she has a fantastic range of clothing for the beach, everything for the summer that you could wish for.  Millane is Brazilian and very glamerous, she models her own clothes for the shop and designs all her own stuff (Millane’s Main Store)

Oh and I thought I would tell you, that there are police on the streets of London, well one anyway!!!  Drax and I met Gerr Finesmith a London bobby, and what a great sight he was, not one of Blunkets toy police, but a proper sl one.  We had a nice chat with Gerr who told us that me makes his own costumes, and also has a Beefeater and Guardsman outfit.  Lets hope we see a lot more of Gerr walking around London, he looked great.


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