Two Places at Once? but SL Put a Spanner in the Works!

Fashion Week has been great and I had covered every evening up until last night.  Just my luck, the last live gig at Tribute Island was on at the same time, and I wanted to see it, as did Hibiscus.   I thought the best thing to do was to see half an hour of the gig, Brixton Canning’s tribute to Frank Sinatra, and then go over to catch the first catwalk event which was to be jewellery instead of clothes, so it should have been really nice.  Hib and I headed over to Tribute Island and took our normal seats (which make us look glum thanks to the pose balls, but we were happy, honestly!!)

Brixton’s singing was great, really sounding like Old Blue Eyes and the half an hour soon went by.  I said to Hib that I was going over to Kensington and she offered to go as well.  We had every intention of coming back to the show if the catwalk event hadn’t taken too long.  I IM’d Nikk and apologised for leaving, he then gave me some great news, he and his colleagues in real life have won ‘Digital Team of the Year’ at the Newspaper Society Awards, see for details, Well done them!!!!  Anyway Hibs and me tp’d over to the ‘do’ in Kensington.  Luckily Hibiscus got there ok, but when I landed I tried to walk and got the old sliding feet to be followed by the wobbly duck walk, while things around me failed to rez.  I knew I was in a state of crash but decided to take some pictures anyway.

Most of the catwalk was missing and I could see a couple of people in the audience, but they had assumed that sort of weird arms out pose that looks a bit spooky.  I wonder if this is how we all look without the animation bits put in.   I re logged a couple of times but was met by the same problems in Kensington each time I came back.  I managed to talk to Hibiscus who has taken some great pictures, as she could see the show ok.  In the end I gave up and headed over to Murray to chat to some people there, Murray was comparatively normal (if Murray can be normal!), so it must have been because the sim was full at Kensington.  I did, however crash at Murray in the end, and I wish to apologise to those people there that might have thought I had logged off without saying goodbye.  I did attempt to log back on but was met by my favourite SL ‘log in notice’ that says I have to wait till a certain time before my account is activated again!!  You know the notice I mean, that’s the one you get when you really need to get back on fast because you crashed in the middle of something important!! Good old SL!!


2 Responses to Two Places at Once? but SL Put a Spanner in the Works!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Congratulations to Nikk and the team, the award is well deserved.
    Janey, those pictures at the fashion show are scary!
    Hope SL is better behaved from now on.

  2. Hi Hib, yes they are scary and the annoying thing is that logging on and off makes no difference, suppose if the sim is full then thats it!!

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