Goodbye to Fashion Week!

Well I must admit I feel a bit sad tonight, Fashion week in SL Kensingon has just finished.  Me and my great mate Habiscus have never worked so hard, and I still have the write up from tonight to do, but wow what a week, I think Debs and the team can be so proud as they pulled off the most popular SL event ever!!  That’s lovely Debs making her final speach to the audience in the pic below:

Debs, Hibiscus, Cher and I watched DYN Designs and Platinum Skins do the last shows and the evening was great, only one lot of designers didn’t turn up, FAT Designz, for reasons only known to themselves, but what a chance they missed, all the designers took a step up to more success this week as the event had been sponsored by the real life London newspaper The Evening Standard who cover the real life Fashion Week.

Another good thing came out of it for me, I finally decided to tidy myself up and get new hair and new skin, so I look a bit different now!!!  Thats me in the pic below trying to fly back to the sim after it had been re started, SL being SL it was playing up again tonight, but hey!!! the show went on, and the sim was packed with happy avatars! (Just feel a little sad it is all over)


4 Responses to Goodbye to Fashion Week!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Janey love your new look!
    It is sad that it is all over, it was very hectic but lots of fun and we got to see wonderful clothes and accessories. Congratulations to all who organized SLLondon Fashion week, it was a great success.

  2. hba says:

    Well done you guys – and a new look J!

  3. Drax Ember says:

    Ah yes, with the end of fashion week I feel a hole in my heart and the giddy is gone from my giddy-up! I am however, looking forward to seeing a bit more of you soon. Love that new skin. It looks fantastic.

  4. Hi Hib, yes it was hectic but we had fun!!! by the way, talk about change!! you look terrific with your new hair and really know how to do the catwalk walk now, so bit of modelling next time for you?

    Yes Head, a new skin at last!! I know, taken me ages hasn’t it, but surounded by all those glamous models, some of which are our very own Murray girls, I was shamed into it!!

    I really feel for you Drax, I know you will miss it all as much as I do! All those nice designer shoes just waiting for you to try them on! We got a lot of catching up to do, I seem to have been writing non stop all week, so perhaps we can take the horses down the club again one day, it was fun when you suggested it last time (at least I think you did!) Glad you like the skin, being all new makes me want to hide down a rabbit hole in Murray!!

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