Cher’s New Mansion and Boutique

Hibiscus and I bumped into Cher the other night, it’s been a busy time for Cher, just like it has for me and Hib, but  Cher had the extra stress of the actual Fashion night and getting the show on the road (which all turned out really well, see report on Virtually London (Lite).  Cher told me that he has opened a large new Boutique at his new home at Seraphim Isle and invited me and Hib to come and take a look.   So we teleported over to the new Bonjour Fashion House Headquarters and what a wonderful place it all is.  Cher’s trademark foxgloves were everywhere and it all looked so pretty.  He has become a master builder as well as a designer and the architecture of his place is an absolute knockout.

The lawn is cut with stripes, dead posh! and there are fountains to the entrance to the ‘Bonjour’ store.

The inside of the boutique is beautifully done like the rest of Cher’s stores and he has his new collection for sale now, so I will be going back to pick out a couple of my favourites outfits.  Cher led us on to his house, which I can only describe as a mansion.  Large rooms tastefully furnished and a great wallpaper on one wall with a texture of hand written script, looks really effective.

Cher gave us a guided tour and all the rooms were so nice, the ultra modern kitchen made me envious and the bathroom was to die for, well I nearly did, I spotted the loo in the corner and decided to use it.  To my horror it was a trick one and I nearly disappeared!!  What a great gadget it was so funny.

I understand Cher is having a grand opening of his new boutique so I will look forward to that, it was nice of him to give us preview of his great pad.


One Response to Cher’s New Mansion and Boutique

  1. hba says:

    LOL – love the loo.

    Well done Cher.

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