Captive Creates Her Own Paradise

I met up the a few people in Murray the other night and stood chatting to Captive.  She has bought a sim all to herself and she had taken me over there a few weeks ago before she had done any work on it.  She asked me if I would like to take another look and I said yes.  Knowing what she had done to her previous piece of land I expected something really nice, and I wasn’t disappointed.  We went over and what a beautiful place she has created with colourful plants and Chinese lanterns, the places is like a fairytale landscape.

There is an amazing beach where there are rocks in the sea and the waves splash against them, nice place to sit and relax.

We went on back up through the gardens and there was a pretty gazebo and other lovely touches.  I know Roach, Cappy’s SL husband has made some of the buildings as he is a clever builder as well.

Cappy told me that she had made the swimming pool and it was brilliant, she is becoming a builder in her own right, she should be really pleased with it.

Went went on to Cappy’s mansion, which designer/builder and good friend, Cher Demonge had built for her, it’s spacious and she has applied her own good taste to it and it’s very luxurious inside.

A nice touch that Cher adds to his builds is a picture gallery in the hall and Cappy had pictures of her and Roach, including some wedding ones, what a lovely idea.  I thanked Cappy for showing me round, it made me want to own a sim as well as she has let her imagination run wild with it, and its beautiful.  As it is I’m still waiting for my appartment to be re-built in SL London, so I will have to settle for that when it’s done.


2 Responses to Captive Creates Her Own Paradise

  1. Captive007 Latte says:

    Thanks Janey!! You are so terribly kind to write about my paltry project. I would love to claim that I had made the pool but alas, I did not. I’m a terribly inadequate and frightfully rubbish builder – do shop like a demon though! I recently learnt to make a wooden cube….
    I did miraculously, some how, make the desperatly, pitiful and scrappy little island, maybe you were dazzled by the clever sun loungers and mixed the two up. The photo gallery was made by Roachie actually (with me ordering him about), after I stole the idea from Cher!
    I love your blog and enjoy following your successes in SL, keep up the splendid work! xx

  2. Hi Cappy, so lovely to hear from you!

    Sorry I got mixed up with what you had built, I thought the pool was all your work, but I am sure you could build it if you wanted to, hehe. Nothing scrappy about the island!! My only excuse is the looooong week of writing about the Fashion show and my powers of observation are obviously depleted hehe. Was lovely looking round your place, I was telling Hibiscus about it today, how great it all looked. xx

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