Happy Birthday Nazna

There seems to have been a bit of a change in the little girl I had first met in Murray, called Nazna Wingtips.  When I first met her she was a little demon who never spoke a word to anyone and used her coke machine weapon to fire whole coke machines at newbies blasting them away.  She used to run and play around people, skipping along or jump up in the air until she was sitting over your head, just to be annoying.  All this and not a word, although people spoke to her constantly they got no reply.  Nonetheless though, she became accepted in the Murray group and became a favourite with quite a few of us.  She did finally start talking to me a while ago, but only in IM’s and still not to all of the others.  Well yesterday was her real life birthday and there was little Naz finally talking to everyone and enjoying herself.  She had called us over to a beautiful sim called Joy Isle and it was a pure joy to look at.

Hibiscus and Cher had gone on ahead of me and when I got there the lag was awful, so I could hardly move, but I got onto the platform built high in the tree and stood near the door looking into the treehouse at Naz and the rest of the party which included Captive, Roach, Nezna, Alfie, Sjet and Slowhand.  Naz looked really cute in her pale pink dress and they all sat in comfy chairs just chatting.

I went and sat outside on the balcony and Naz and the others followed, Naz and Slowhand danced and Hibiscus joined me at a table where there were plates of hot food and good wine.

After sitting chatting to Hib for a while, she had to leave and go back to real life.

Just as Hibs said goodbye Drax came on line and I asked him to join me.  He arrived and said Happy Birthday to Naz and sat down at the table.  It was lovely to see him as he has been really busy lately so we were able to catch up a bit.

Well we left Naz partying into the night and I hope she really enjoyed herself, Happy Birthday little one!!


One Response to Happy Birthday Nazna

  1. hba says:

    Hiya mate – I’m so sorry I missed Naz’s party – I’ve not been online for a week now – too busy :((

    HAPPY BURPDAY NAZ!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

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