Cher’s Chelsea Build and Newbie in Wonderland

As I have said before Hibiscus and I are waiting for our apartments to be rebuilt in Chelsea, funny how you latch on to a place but it’s a great spot and we both want to move back in as soon as possible.  The rebuild had started a couple of weeks ago and I saw Debs Regent, the sim owner, looking and I think she had a few things that she wanted altered.  Anyway to cut a long story short, my friend Cher offered to do some building for Debs and she asked him to re-do the apartments.  Cher has picked another style block in the same real life Imperial Wharf and it looks like a really nice design, with a big floor space again which is great.  Anyway Cher called me over to see what I though so far and I went over to see him.  I loved it when I got there, the whole thing has very clean lines and nice big windows giving plenty of light.  We stood in the ground floor part of the building having a chat.

Later on Hibiscus and Drax popped over and they both agreed that they loved the apartments as well, so we just have to wait to see if Debs approves. 

After I had gone to see Cher I decided to have a wander around SL and ended up in one of the stores that sells skins.  Usually people try the demos on while keeping their clothes on over the top, but a girl in there had other ideas, she stood naked in the middle of the shop with the demo skin on and she also tried different hairstyles as well, but stayed bald most of the time.   She did have a pair of white stockings on so she probably thought that was ok.  Well you get a lot of newbies wandering about in those stores and this guy suddenly did a ‘double take’ when he saw her, he walked past, then went back, started to type something, but then changed his mind, walking all round her looking, then decided to make himself comfortable and sit near her so he could get a better look.  Newbie in Wonderland haha.  (by the way, you can read all about ‘Sex in the Virtual City’, my report at CNN at

Finally yesterday, I completely forgot about a posh ‘do’ booked at the Kensington building, the ‘beautiful people’ of SL were invited to a designer jewellery event.  Too late to get dressed up, I just turned up and stayed on the edge watching all the people in their wonderful expensive designer clothes dancing the night away.  I got to say hello to a few that I knew and hope to be able to write some of it up for the London Blog, as the models on the stage were wearing some lovely pieces of jewellery.


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