London Chat and Murray Crowd

I went over to look at how the new apartments are coming along, and it looks like I can move back to Chelsea pretty quickly now, as they are nearly finished.  I met up with Debs, mar and grey and talked about the apartments and the nice new road surfacing that Cher has been putting down, plus with the new pavements, its all looking really smart.

Seany and Cleo joined us, Seany being a raven then changing to a magpie, looking really cute, grey was already a little dragon av, so they got around to talking about different animal shapes.  Wasn’t long before we had few animals including a great big spider from Cleo’s inventory.

I love living in Chelsea and Seany and the others are putting some nice little shops there now.  Also, I heard today, that there will be a freebie shop in London soon, so I will let everyone know where it is when it’s done.  I went over to Murray tonight to see how people are there.  There was quite a crowd for a little while including Mikiyo and Nazna who wowed us with a dance routine.

Miki and Naz finally settled into a rocking chair and they looked so sweet.  Seemed quiet in Murray tonight, peaceful, although still people coming and going.  It’s nice to pop back and see everyone.


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