Yet Another Conversation Going Bad!

I was looking for an override pose in a shop the other day and going through all the poses like you do.  I eventually bought a new sit pose, though I’m not sure I like it now I’ve got it, hehe.  Suddenly while I was trying the poses out I saw this very pretty av being approached by a newbie.  Well he didn’t say hello, no introduction, but straight out with what he thought was a good starting point ‘sex’  I stopped what I was doing and stood next to them to listen and had a right laugh.  The girl certainly was funny, she looked distainfully at him and he went away with his tail tucked between his legs.  See pic below and conversation:

  dado: sex?

[6:25]  lele: not likely pal

[6:25]  dado: what?

[6:26]  lele : nvm

[6:26]  dado: what

[6:26]  dado: dou you like sex

[6:26]  lele : love it yes thnx

[6:27]  lele: lol plank

[6:27]  Janey Bracken: lol

Yes dado I’m afraid you are a ‘plank’ lets hope you get some better chat up lines soon.


3 Responses to Yet Another Conversation Going Bad!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Plank? Plank?? Plank??? That’s a new one for me, never heard it before!!!!

  2. Hehe!!! it means someone is as thick as a wooden plank, it’s very insulting but very funny!!! Is this another Brit first? I can see Americans using it from now on and maybe a few Canadians, Blimey!

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Plank, that’s a good one, I will remember that. And a perfect description for that guy, too.

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