Purple Hair, Great Singer And All The Rest

Sometimes I cram a lot into one evening and flit about from place to place, just as well we have teleport in sl.  I’d been sitting in the office earlier talking to Hibiscus, we were both lamenting on the fact that we haven’t got our apartments back in SL Chelsea yet and I suppose it all made me a bit sad.  Well I decided to cheer myself up, the only way I know how – shopping!! 

I took myself off to BareRose where I bought two great outfits and then I went over to a store that Cher had told me about that sold really nice hair.  It’s a little bit expensive for their latest stuff, but the way it moves and the styles are brilliant.  Hib Joined me and we tried lots of styles on, and we both bought new hair.  I fell in love with a dark purple colour, it’s long with a fringe, and it moves just like real hair.  Hib went off for her dinner and I decided to track a singer down.  I had been sent a press release a couple of days ago about singer Winston Ackland, who has been given a real life deal for one of his songs to be used in a Fox film.  I thought I would catch him in concert first before I asked his manager for an interview, but when I got to the Wiseguys club he was playing at last night, I had been too late and had missed him.

I thought, being that I was there in the club, I might as well stay for the next act and I’m glad I did.  Country singer Timothy Raestner took the stage and all I can say is ‘wow’  what a brilliant performance, I really can’t believe he was singing live, but I know he was because he spoke in between, but anyone who loves Country and Western singing would absolutely love him.  I’m not a big fan of that sort of music, but I really enjoyed listening to him, what a voice!!  It’s amazing how many wonderful people are performing live in SL now.

I decided to pop back to Murray to see who was there and met up with the usual war zone with sl weapons going off right, left and centre.  I met up with Ruskin and Treasure there though, which was nice, and we stood chatting till Treasure had to leave for her dinner (flipping time zones!!!). 








Ruskin asked me if I wanted to have a ride around the London sims in his car while we waited for Treasure to come back, so off we went.  SL being what it is, London proved to be a bit laggy as the sim was crowded, which is nice as its a popular place, but poor Ruskin couldn’t see where the roads were as not all the streets rezzed properly.  It was fun though, we finished up in Mayfair where Treasure and Cher joined us for a chat.  Lastly I went on to meet Drax, but he got bitten by a vampire while I was standing talking to him, oh well thats another story ….

(and if you are wondering why there is a big wide gap in between the pictures, perhaps you can tell me why, on the edit page there is no gap, hmmm WordPress is getting like SL, very strange!!)


2 Responses to Purple Hair, Great Singer And All The Rest

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Am feeling verrrrrrrry groggy……perhaps it’s the loss of blood!!!

  2. Well maybe, hope you are ok, but it could still be the fumes from Hib’s huge vodka cocktail of course, I am still feeling the effects from that!!! I still don’t know how she got home!

    Of course if it is lack of blood you will still make it up quickly with all those cow burgers you eat!! all that iron! Only thing is, does this mean you are a vampire now? pointed teeth, not a good look!!

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