Anger in Second Life, Who Gets Angry?

Do people get really angry in SL?, well CNN wanted to know, they contacted the SL reporters group asking people what made them angry in the virtual world.  Hope it was nothing to do with me!! I get the feeling that they think I am an angry person because I say what I think at the meetings sometimes, but I only do it when the ‘verbalists’ and not the ‘doers’ take over the meetings, changing the subjects, rudely interrupting people already talking.  By ‘doers’ I mean the handful of us that actually contribute.  Fine for the others to come along and be constructive, if only they would wait their turn to speak though!!  Anyway I warmed to the subject and decided to put a report on CNN, which is surprisingly getting a lot of hits, which is amazing as it isn’t on the CNN main page link (the CNN counter is wrong by the way).  Have a read about my feelings about anger at:


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