Happy Rez Day Treasure and Gunter!!

Hibiscus and I had been sitting with Cher as I interviewed him for the London Blog next week, about time we featured Cher as he is doing such a good job in the London sims helping with the roads and buildings there, as well as running his own Fashion House Bonjour.  Suddenly I got an IM from Ruskin saying could we come over as it was Treasure’s Rez day and they were having a party in Murray.  Vix also IM me, so we decided to finish the interview off later and go on over.  It turned out it was Gunter’s Rez day as well, but he was nowhere to be found, (if you are reading this Happy Rez Day Gunter!!!)   Treasure looked beautiful in a long full skirted gown and unusual headdress that showed off her pretty face.

Murray was buzzing, they had created a great dance floor, fabulously decorded, and everyone was dancing and having a good time.  Someone had got Treasure a cake as well!

Hib, Cher and me joined in the dancing and Cher managed to get us some great music which is very hard to do in Murray.  When you think it is just an open landscape with a few trees, they did well to throw the party there.  They are planning one for Halloween so that should be good, providing the griefers stay away.

As the evening went on people began to let themselves go and enjoyed themselves even more.  Treasure did some pole dancing, looking very sexy and Cher took his shirt off looking dead handsome!  Not sure if it was all a bit much for the lady on the left of the above picture as she had to cover her eyes!

Hope Treasure (and Gunter wherever he went!) had a very good time, just fancy, they have been in SL a year now, seems like we have all been good friends for a long time!!  Happy Rez Day to them both.


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