SL Singer Winston’s RL Career and Demonstrations

I had a press release sent to me the other day from publicist Jura Shephard, she very kindly introduced me to musician Winston Ackland and his wife Sesi.  I am delighted to say that one of Winston’s cover tracks ‘Lithium’ has been selected for a 20th Century Fox film ‘Marley and Me’ Starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.  You can read all about Winston as he kindly answered some questions about his sl career for me at

Meanwhile, just what is going on in SL at the moment?  If you read the official SL Blog it all seems very nice and civilised as they try to defend their price rises for openspaceland.  However, this has affected so many people who innocently bought the land when it all seemed so reasonable and used their skills to make wonderful places, with the help of Linden Labs upping their prim allowances, only to be told that openspaceland is now being over used.  Lots of people, including friends of mine, had put a lot of money into buying this land and using it with thought, only to be told a few weeks down the line that the charges will be so high that they can no longer afford to keep it.  This includes charities who use the sims for collecting whatever money they can for the good causes, as well as having useful informative meetings to help people in rl.  Feelings are running really high and organised demonstrations have been going on all over sl.  I went to one at the Linden’s Estates Office with friends Wheemzel and Kwame (who was using his high tec camera!).  An odd occurrence was going on after a while, it was OK at first as people stood there with their banners, but then someone was using one of those Batman griefer box things to omit the racket that goes with it right in the middle of the crowd.  I told him to stop after I tracked down who it belonged to, but then I crashed shortly afterwards only to be given the account not available message when I tried to log back in.  Anyway, I can only guess at why someone would want to distrupt a peaceful demo with a griefing pack.

When I logged back on later that evening Wheemzel told me that another demo was going on in Dore.  I had an interview later to do, but decided to pop over there to look.  I also had a message from another friend who runs a charity group saying that someone had infiltrated the group erasing all the members to split the group up.  Not only this but he said that demonstrators are now being banned from SL, it’s all getting really ugly if this is true about people getting banned.  I would really like to hear the Linden’s side of all this, as it sounds as if the situation is getting out of hand.  I just wonder what is behind it all and I would like to know if people are being banned simply for complaining, as this would surely be against any policy that the Lindens have.

Anyway I counted around 200 people at the Dore demonstration, so there are a lot of upset residents in SL at the moment, it’s such a shame and I hope they can settle this pretty quickly.


5 Responses to SL Singer Winston’s RL Career and Demonstrations

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Great post today. Lots going on!

    First, Marley and me was a fun book. I loved it! It was a best seller here for quite some time. Doing the music for that movie is quite an achievement! He must be very good!!!! I am looking forward to seeing it. Did he say when the release date might be? If you get a chance, get the book and give it a try. I recommend it!

    Second, this is quite a mess regarding the land rentals. The price rise may be justified if the Linden’s costs are going up however from what I can see they have done a horrible job of getting their side of the story out. Are the costs of upgrading the system going up rapidly? Have they beem losing money do to costs that were kept artificially low in order to get more participants?

    Whatever the reason, they have let this issue get away from them and are going to have a difficult time getting it under control. They need to act quickly to get their side out in a way to reach everyone, otherwise the damge that is being done to their reputation is horrendous.

  2. Drax Ember says:

    Even if the Linden’s are upset about the demonstrations I can’t imagine them causing the problems that you saw at the event. My guess (and I hope this is true) is that it was just a griefer or two taking advantage of a large gathering to wreak some havoc. It’s the perfect venue for that type of activity. Large gatherng, people upset, etc.

  3. Marley and Me is being released on Christmas Day in the States and following dates after that all round the world. I really hope the press give this wider coverage, what a nice story it is when everything else in sl and rl is so gloomy!

    The Openspace thing is very strange, if there are cash flow problems, i.e they invested in Icelantic banks or something, surely they would have been better to say, as the majority of residents in sl would be fully behind them as we all love our second lives or we wouldn’t be in there. Like I said to you, if they wanted to reduce the activity on those sims the answer is simple – reduce the amount of prims dramatically, instead of putting up the costs, because if people decide to pay and continue to over use the sims they still have the same problem, money or not. By simply reducing the prims people would have no choice but to leave them as open spaces. Is there more to this that they aren’t telling us?

  4. Drax Ember says:

    Your thoughts are right on the mark! But then again, you always were the brains of the team!!!

  5. Ahh no you are definately the brains!! and the good looking one! life’s so unfair!!!

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