Cher’s New Blog and Halloween Night

Mate Cher Demonge has started a fantastic blog and I’ve got a link on the right hand side of my page for easy loading (under ‘friends’), he’s made a great start so far, and it looks like a lively read!!  Cher is bringing out a terrific range in men’s clothing, his collection will be called ‘Hello’ and he and Drax are both modelling two of his new jackets in the pic below, and don’t they both look handsome!!! (

Well it was Halloween last night and I met up with Hibiscus and we both went exploring.  We went to a couple of haunted houses and the first one had a ride that you could go on.  It took you on quite a long journey though dark tunnels that were filled with spooks and bloodthirsty sights, it was very well done and a good laugh.

After the scary ride we went over to another haunted house and what fun! as we explored the rooms which had a great atmosphere, full of cobwebs, giant spider and a ghosts.

Upstairs there was a nursery and the girl from the film ‘The Exorcist’ stood on the bed with her head turning round and you could hear the bones in her neck grinding, yuck!

People had gone to a lot of trouble with these amazing places, it’s just fantastic what they have put into it all.  From there we decided to pop into the Underground Club in SL Knightsbridge, putting on our fancy dresses and the place was packed, I counted 50 avs at one time and they were having a great time, all in fancy dress.

After taking lots of pictures to put in the Virtually London (Lite) blog for next week, we moved on to Murray and Ruskin, Vix, Roach, Saab and Tah, along with a few others were celebrating with a mobile dance floor and a giant bonfire which Rusk and Vix sat on top of.

Little Nazna turned up looking extra cute and Drax and Cher came over to join us, and we all had a good time.  An unfortunate newbie arrived at one point and kept shouting in voice, although we kept saying we could hear him, he just kept on and on and in the end a couple of the guys decided to let loose with their weapons, booting him away into the distance.  He came back still shouting and got booted again.  In the end he took the hint and went off to shout at someone else.

It was a great night with lots of places to visit and not enough time to get around to them all. Well done all the sim owners in sl for creating such a wonderful Halloween for all the residence. Also not forgetting our friends at Murray for making such a brilliant party.


2 Responses to Cher’s New Blog and Halloween Night

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Spooky times on SL !!! Boooooooooo!!!!! I wish I had been there with you, it looks like lots of fun!!!!

  2. Yes you would have loved it, wished you had been there too, you could have defended me and Hibs against the giant spider and the spooks!!!

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