Winston Rocks! and Conversation gone a bit bad!

Just as I logged on last week I got message from Jura Shepherd, Winston Ackland’s publicist, saying that he was playing at an informal gathering and would I like to come along.  How nice of her to ask me, I teleported over and said hello to Winston, his wife Sesi and Jura.  There were just a few close friends and fans there and it was great to hear Winston singing.  They were having a party that night and I had hoped to go along, but the time zone made it too late for me, I was sorry to have missed out, but I hope they all had a brilliant time.



Yesterday I felt I need a break from my usual stuff and decided to go off exploring all the hotspots in the search menu.  I landed on some exotic looking Island which was very pretty and then I was aware of some other avs arriving.  I walked away and stood to one side but one of them decided he wanted to come and stand next to me.  It was then I saw that he was a naked newbie, ah bless, why do they do it, they just look silly!  I had a bit of a conversation:

2008/11/03 13:56]  Janey Bracken: you left your shoes on

[2008/11/03 13:57]  baron: i like shoes

[2008/11/03 13:57]  Janey Bracken: just as well

[2008/11/03 13:57]  Janey Bracken: shame you don’t like clothes

[2008/11/03 13:58]  baron: i like to feel free

 [2008/11/03 13:58]  Janey Bracken: well you look pretty free



 It was a Mature sim, so he wasn’t exactly breaking any rules, but I don’t know why he singled me out.  He didn’t have any bits to show either, poor Newbie, I just flew away and left him to it.  Hope he gets some hair as well as some clothes!!


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