We’re Back in Town!!!

As you know me and Hibiscus had to move out of our beloved Chelsea apartments as the buildings were being reclaimed by the SL builder.  We have waited a couple of months for them to be replaced as there was decision to be made on what type of block it should be.  However good friend Cher Demonge’s apartment block was picked and Hib and I moved back in this week.



Kwame Oh, the Greyhound Pub Landlord, dropped in for a celebration drink and for some reason started jesting that me and Hib were alts of each other, an interesting theory, only I would have to be superwoman to type that quick!!!!  Poor Hib, bad enough for her that she hangs around with me, without being accused of being me!!  Kwame did make us laugh and when he got up to leave I had the couch too near the edge and he got catapulted over the side into the water!



Hib has done a lovely job with her furnishings and we have both really enjoyed shopping for new bits and pieces, just wish I had more prims, but then I can never have enough!


Look out Chelsea we are back in Town!!!


7 Responses to We’re Back in Town!!!

  1. Cherish says:

    Glad you like your new homes hun,

    they look fab,

    i will pop over and take a look soon, so if you see a strange man licking the window you know who it is

  2. Drax Ember says:

    I love the new apartment. You’ve done such a great job decorating, perhaps you should consider dual careers: Reoprting AND Interior design!!!

  3. Hey Cher!! yes come over, and you don’t have to lick the window, you can use the door!! You did a great job on the apartments, me and Hib really love them.

    Think you should bring your paint brush Drax, you are so brilliant at colour (with a u) schemes!! Don’t know about a dual career, being a vulture reporter who sneaks around is enough for now!!!

  4. Brie janick says:

    Hey Guys very glad to have you back in chelsea!!yay home at last……No wild partys lol unless im invited lol..
    XXX Brie

  5. Hi Brie,

    We are so glad to be back!! Thank you for all your help in getting us there!! Of course we will have wild parties, and of course you will be invited, Yay!!! xxx

  6. Captive007 Latte says:

    Congratulations on your new place! I hope I’m allowed to come have a lookie loo sometime. With the openspace sim tier increase looming I might have to start shopping around for a new home – so I want to steal ideas. Hehe. x

  7. Hi Cappie, of course you are very welcome to come round to the apartment any time, I would be pleased to see you!! So sorry about the openspace thing, I think it was badly done by the Linden Labs, but can’t see them reversing a business decision no matter how many people protest. You have made it such a breautiful place as well, it must be heartbreaking. xx

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