Save Our Little Nazna

I got a distressing message from my Murray friends last night.  They told me that Nazna Wingtips, one of the most loved of the Murray group has been banned for Life by Linden Labs.  SL just won’t be the same for the rest of us without our little friend, Naz brightened up the day for us there.  I would like to ask the kind Linden people if they would look at Naz’s case again and reconsider reinstating her.  Our Murray Region will lose all it’s sparkle without our pal Nazna Wingtips!!





6 Responses to Save Our Little Nazna

  1. Cherish says:


    Bring her back, she is one of the big characters of Murray, she may be slightly naughty but she was always creative with it,

    We have lost Roy we cant lose Nazna to

    very annoying how you get stupid griefers with lots of alts who dont get banned but Linden always seem to get rid of Loyal SL customers, and remember we are customers without us they have nothing,

    Think about it please

  2. Captive007 Latte says:

    I agree Cher. Murray won’t be the same without Naz.
    Congratulations on your celeb status now Cher and well done you!

  3. yay! Cap says Naz id back – can’t have an SL without Naz 🙂

  4. That’s wonderful news!!! We would all miss her so much, she is really part of the Murray crowd. I am so glad that the Lindens reconsidered, goes to show that they do take the trouble to investigate!

  5. Captive007 Latte says:

    She is not her old self anymore, sadly – no longer Wingtips, but at least we still have her around. x

  6. Tell her to drop me an IM, matey – I’d hate to lose touch 🙂

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