Visitors Some Welcome Some Not

It’s been pretty exciting for me and Hibs to move back into our apartments at Chelsea and we’ve had a lovely time going round the shops getting new stuff!!  I put furniture in and then changed it again.  I had some old kitchen units which suited the last apartment but looked awful in this one, so I took them out again.  Luckily I had bought one of Cher’s Kitchens a while ago and when I tried it, it looked the business in the new place. Luckily Cher popped over for a chat and he re-sized the units for me to fit, and also he still had the island that went with it, so I got that off him as well and I am very pleased with the result.



Cher and I sat and caught up on all the gossip and it was great seeing him.  Shortly after I spoke to Captive and asked her if she would like to come round to see the apartment so she came over for a look.



We sat on the balcony and had a great time.  Drax popped in to say hello, but had to go again as he was busy in real life.  Hibiscus came on later and I went to see her, she has done a lovely job with her place and it’s looking smashing, she certainly has an eye for decorating and getting the right furnishings.


We sat and talked about intruders.  She had an unwelcome visitor walk into her apartment the other day and the girl’s first name was ‘slut’ which was pretty odd, we both agreed it was probably a guy in real life, doubt if many girls would call themselves that, although you never know.  I went on to tell her about another newbie in a pink dress who had been in her apartment and seemed trapped in there, trying the doors to get out and having no luck.  I IM her in the end to see if she needed help.   Her name was antionette, and she just ignored the IM and either crashed or tp’d out.  Don’t think you will ever stop the odd unwanted visitor to the apartments, and sometimes it can be quite funny.  It was nice to see my friends drop round though.




6 Responses to Visitors Some Welcome Some Not

  1. Cherish says:

    brilliant, love the way people just wonder in made me laugh imagine hib bet she said a few things

  2. It is a bit surprising when people just barge in, Hib is very polite with them, but sometimes they just don’t get the message, someone landed on my balcony yesterday and just stared through the window, so I pulled the blinds down, which was quite rude of me really, but it gets you that way!! We still love living there, indruders and all.

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Yes, it is a great place to live. I don’t think you were rude at all Janey, it is unnerving to have someone just staring in at you, and certainly not polite on his or her part. As in rl, the best part of living somewhere is the wonderful neighbours, thank you for looking out for my place when I am not around, and helping me out when I am.

  4. Hi Hib, you help me out too, and it’s so nice having a good friend as a neighbour, also handy for when we want to visit each other to catch up on the gossip!! Those blinds are handy if you do want to shut people out, you never know now Chelsea has become mature and not pg, there may be a few nudes flying around outside from the amount that Brie and Seany usually have to eject.

  5. drax ember says:

    At least I wear a tie!

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