Early Christmas cheer and Cher’s New Shop Opens

I don’t know what it was, it may have been that I seen the lovely Christmas displays that Cher had put in his main store in Seraphim, he had made some beautiful Christmas trees for the store, and it set me off looking at what I had in my inventory.  I am one of those people who always wants something better than the last thing I bought and although last years’ Christmas Tree was lovely, I decided to go out searching for another one.  I found this sim that seemed a little bit different to the other Christmas sites, it’s called ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ and I saw the most pretty and delicate trees there.  The only thing was the fact that they had quite a few prims, so I decided on a small one for the apartment.  Drax came over to see it and liked it as well.  Trouble is I am having to adjust my prims in the rest of the apartment for the Christmas decs.



Talking about Cher’s store, Hibiscus and I went over to Mayfair and met up with Debs Regent, Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker to look at Cher’s new store he has just opened in Mayfair.  He has brought out a new collection of Men’s clothing called ‘Hello’. Cher wears his own range, including great looking chunky boots, and he always looks terrific, it’s a good way of marketing his collection and he should do really well with it.



Brie has taken up photography in SL and showed us some of her work, it looks really good and it’s a nice thing to do, we saw a couple of portrait shots that she has taken and I am looking forward to seeing some more of her work.  She asked us to come over and see her place where she has her studio, so that will be lovely.


Finally I got a call from Captive, she told me that they had created a little Christmas scene in Murray, so I went over to see what they were up to.  Roach and Cappy were sitting on a large Christmas card and below them there was an ice rink and some snowmen and other bits. Cloud and a few other friends were also there, I think people are beginning to feel a bit festive, although it is a bit early, but hey!! this is Second Life! they can do what they want.




One Response to Early Christmas cheer and Cher’s New Shop Opens

  1. Aye, it’s getting near the time for me to switch my weather systems to snow on my island and other places. Ho Ho Ho, etc.

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