Quiet Sort of Meeting at CNN

I suppose America is still swept away with the excitement of the elections, there has been so much razzmatazz over the last few months that it will take a while for things to settle down again and good luck to them, lets hope it’s a start to a bright future.  As it was the big voting day last week, CNN decided to cancel the meeting, which was a good idea, as who cares about SL when all that’s going on!!  So we should have been back to normal this week, but I think they would have done better to have cancelled last nights as well.  The only SL stories that they picked out were those linked somehow to to Mr Obama being mentioned in the virtual world (although they did mention Hibiscus’s brilliant London story, but for only a fleeting second!) They hadn’t a clue that I’d even submitted three stories over that period.  Not that I’m bothered, I put them on for my own reasons when I have something I think would be of interest to people, so it’s no big deal (sour grapes on my part? yes maybe a little ((I smile wryly)).  Saying that though, there were big gaps of silence in the hour of the meeting and sometimes I thought I had crashed.  Maybe it was too soon to get back to every day stuff for them, I do realise they have been rushed off their feet during these historical times, but a little variation on subject matter can make it more interesting, and bring other people in to the meetings, who perhaps aren’t so keen on just political matters.



2 Responses to Quiet Sort of Meeting at CNN

  1. I can’t remeber the last CNN meeting I went to…

  2. No thats right, I can’t remember when you last wrote
    anything for them, must be ages ago!!

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