Christmas Lights go on in SL London

Hibiscus and I had a great time last night, the Christmas Lights were switched on in SL Knightsbridge by Katrin Linden.  The Lights had been designed and made by best mate Cher Demonge, yet another fantastic design, everyone thought they were stunning.  Katrin was very pretty and wore a beautiful Christmassy red cloak with a large White fur collar.  Claudia Linden also popped in to say hello.  There was quite a crowd there, and although the lag was quite bad it all went really well.  Debs Regent was there to wish everyone a Happy Christmas as well.




There was a street party to celebrate the lights going on and London rocked!!  I put on my posh frock from the Barerose store in one of it’s many colours!! (good value or what!!) and danced in the street (bit worried about those bandy legs though!)


There was a new gentleman in the crowd last night, he wore a nice red waistcoat.  I had met him the day before and had a very polite conversation with him.  He seemed vaguely familiar, maybe the way he talked or the way his hair was parted, hmmm somehow he reminded me of someone I have met before.  I did notice that he was in one of the ‘Dr Who’ groups, so possibly I have seen and admired his red waistcoat from afar some other time!!  Anyway he was having a good time dancing next to Brie and Cutewillow who looked very festive.



Good mate Hibiscus has done a terrific write up of last night at our Virtually London (Lite) blog.


9 Responses to Christmas Lights go on in SL London

  1. Cherish says:

    hi hun was wondering if i could use some of your pics of me for my blog?

  2. Cherish says:

    i cant see cappy’s comment, no i meant nick them off these blogs

  3. OOps!! lol, don’t ever read something in the morning in a rush like I did, sorry Cher just looked at your glamerous pick and thought you were Cappy!! Yes of course, if I still have the pics you can have them, which ones in particular?

  4. Cherish says:

    not sure yet ill prob just copy off the blog if ok?

  5. Cherish says:

    of course i will use your name on them

  6. no that doesn’t matter no need to do that lol, I will sort what I have out later, got to do some real life stuff now grrrr lol

  7. Captive007 Latte says:

    How rude – ow!! Cher is a bloke!! How can you think he was me!!!
    /me is wounded.
    (Besides, Im waaaaay hotter!)

    I do enjoy your blog – Cher did a splendid job with the lights. xx

  8. OOOH, apologies to Cappy and Cher, real life getting in the way got me speed reading stuff!!! not a good thing to do!!! If you don’t mind me saying though, you are both HOT!!! (but I’m sorry Cher, got to admit that as a lady Cappy may be just that bit hotter!!!

  9. Cherish says:


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