Newbie Cyber Love at First Sight! (conversation already bad)

One thing I enjoy doing is going wandering and looking at what people are getting up to.  In case you have missed it, in the real life newspapers over the last couple of days there has been a big deal made of the fact that a couple of people met in SL, got married in real life and are getting divorced because of the guys infidelity with another woman av.  All the papers have blown this way out of proportion and one even went as far as to create an avatar to seek out sex and sin in SL making out thats all it is.  Well funny thing, yesterday I hapenned across a newbie who was making a right pest of himself in a skin shop.  Dressed in his underpants, he kept annoying the poor models there, who just ignored him.  He came over to me and offered me friendship which I declined without a word said by either of us.  He went on to accost another girl who obviously gave him the brush off.




He trotted off into the distance and I decided to give chase to see what he would do next.  He got back out to the teleport area where other people were arriving.  Suddenly another newbie appeared right in front of him.  This time there seemed an instant bond between them, newbie girl (who may have been a boy she looked a bit odd for a girl!!) and newbie boy had found love at first sight.  Just to make newbie boy more comfortable the newbie girl joined him in taking her clothes off.




While all this was going on another newbie called smoothie came over to say hello to me.  He was nice and very lost on his first day, so I helped him all I could giving him some places for free stuff.  The sweet little lover newbies also listened and I gave them some landmarks for free places as well.  Here is the conversation that went on, I thought it was really funny, I wouldn’t be surprised if these were two real life journalists coming inworld to test virtual sin!!  How sad, lol.

[2008/11/14 15:55]  Honey: hiya

[2008/11/14 15:55]  mzee : hi

[2008/11/14 15:55]  Honey: u cold?

[2008/11/14 15:55]  mzee : No are you looking for company?

[2008/11/14 15:57]  mzee you want to have fun?

[2008/11/14 15:57]  Honey: yeah .. u?

 [2008/11/14 15:58]  mzee: yes any ideas

[2008/11/14 15:58]  Honey: is there some where for privacy in this place?

[2008/11/14 15:58]  mzee: I don’t know I have just joined

 [2008/11/14 15:59]  Honey: me too

[2008/11/14 15:59]  mzee: dont really know what to do

[2008/11/14 15:59]  smoothyt: hi

[2008/11/14 15:59]  Janey Bracken: hi

 [2008/11/14 16:00]  mzee : would you like to have sex

[2008/11/14 16:00]  smoothy : im new to this what about u

[2008/11/14 16:00]  Janey Bracken: no I have been in sl a long time

[2008/11/14 16:00]  Honey: I like to be taken .. not asked

[2008/11/14 16:00]  Janey Bracken: how you getting on?

[2008/11/14 16:01]  smoothy : well not to good

[2008/11/14 16:01]  mzee : do you want me to take you

[2008/11/14 16:01]  Honey: yesss

[2008/11/14 16:01]  Janey Bracken: it gets better when you know what you are doing (this to smoothy not to Honey!)

[2008/11/14 16:01]  Honey: What can we do Janey?

[2008/11/14 16:01]  Janey Bracken: sorry I am just listening to the funny conversation (to smoothy)

[2008/11/14 16:02]  Janey Bracken: well you two, look in search

[2008/11/14 16:02]  mzee: let me hold you

[2008/11/14 16:02]  Janey Bracken: for places to go

[2008/11/14 16:02]  Honey: and then?

[2008/11/14 16:02]  smoothy: seems they know what to do

[2008/11/14 16:02]  Janey Bracken: teleport there

[2008/11/14 16:02]  Janey Bracken: lol

[2008/11/14 16:02]  Janey Bracken: think they know what they would like to do

[2008/11/14 16:02]  Janey Bracken: too much too soon

[2008/11/14 16:03]  mzee : perhaps i can rip off your clothes

[2008/11/14 16:03]  Janey Bracken: have you been to places to get free stuff smoothy?

[2008/11/14 16:03]  Honey: go ahead

[2008/11/14 16:03]  smoothy : no not yet not been here long just fining my feet

[2008/11/14 16:03]  Janey Bracken: ok I will give you some places to go for free things

[2008/11/14 16:04]  Janey Bracken: hold on

[2008/11/14 16:04]  mzee : in a virtual world like this i’m not sure how

[2008/11/14 16:04]  smoothy: thanks

[2008/11/14 16:04]  Honey: Thanks Janey

 [2008/11/14 16:05]  mzee : i really would like to have sex with you

[2008/11/14 16:05]  smoothy : thanks babe           (I told them they were welcome and the two lovers disappeared in a puff of smoke, smoothy happily went on his way to find more interesting things to do!)


9 Responses to Newbie Cyber Love at First Sight! (conversation already bad)

  1. drax ember says:

    Where do you dinf these people? Sometimes I think you are a magnet that attracts oddball personalities to talk to you. Wait a minute……..what does that say about me??? Hmmmmm, I better rethink that!!!

  2. drax ember says:


  3. No you are not an oddball, just because you ride your horse in the Underground Club, dance like a seal and wear a green tie with Gorean pants!! nothing odd about that at all!!! Not to mention the feet……

  4. Cherish Demonge says:

    well i have always thought you are both very odd, but thats why i like ya

  5. Thanks Cher, we like you very much too, nice to know that us odd people can still fit in, hehe.

  6. Captive007 Latte says:

    *sniffle* How romantic! I bet she was a man in rl!

  7. Must admit it brought tears to my eyes, I was laughing so much!! I think she may have been a man as well, I would love to know what happened to them. I still have their names I might even ask…..

  8. OK, this part cracked me up. mzee is a obviously a little slow on the uptake.

    mzee : would you like to have sex
    Honey: I like to be taken .. not asked
    mzee : do you want me to take you

  9. Hi Amy,

    That cracked me up too!! poor mzee was like a dog chasing a car, he wouldn’t know what to do with it if he caught it!!

    Nice to hear from you Amy!

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