Amazing Rezday Party for Kirk!

I had received an invitation from Kirk Claymore and Maddox Dupont from the KMADD Enterprises group the other day, for a party to celebrate Kirk’s second Rezday.  Kirk and Maddox always push the boat out for their ‘do’s and I knew it would be a fantastic occasion.  It was a costume party based on Alice in Wonderland.  The only thing was, I read the SL time and thought it was in the middle of my night, as I often lose out with parties that are in Pacific time, so I thought I would have to let it go.  However, I was chatting with Hibiscus last night when I got a message from Kirk asking if I was coming over, so I had misread the times.  Not being prepared with costumes Hib and I decided to put on our posh frocks and head on over there.



What a fantastic place, such a pretty sim and the giant chess set and playing cards were pretty awsome.  There was also a massive maze which Hib was brave enough to venture into.  Kirk looked really handsome dressed as the King and Maddox looked intriguing in a fantasy purple outfit which looked really cool.





Hibiscus and I had a great time, thanks for inviting us Kirk and Happy Rezday to you!  (Pacifico Norte 7 (36, 133, 448)


One Response to Amazing Rezday Party for Kirk!

  1. That’s the second time I’ve heard the name KMADD in two days – how strange! 🙂

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